Day 16 on 3 Weeks to Wonderful

29 Jan

Well I thought I would sleep like a log last night, but my son was not well and had a raging fever during the night, so there were a few disturbances.

3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

Nonetheless I feel rested in the morning.  I’m grateful that I had prepped my rolled oats convenience breakfast last night as there is no time to prep this morning.

I make a call to leave my son in bed to shake off his cold and drop my daughter at school.

Again, the morning goes by in a flash.  I eat the rolled oats at around 9:30 and then for lunch have two pieces of salmon fashion sandwich and two boiled eggs.  Bland, but good.

Something I realise I have not mentioned too much in my previous posts is the reach that this program has had.  The number of people who have told me that they have been inspired by my Facebook posts (and this blog) is amazing.  Each day somebody will comment on how well I am looking and we chat about the program.  People work out very quickly that this is not a fad or a diet – and that is key!  There is a great balance of healthy awareness of what we are putting into our bodies, together with simple, but effective exercises.  While discipline is a key component and needed in large doses, the program itself is not difficult.

I decide to take a rest day from all exercise as I am swamped with work issues and other issues in the housing complex I live in.  A neighbour needs help with her computer and the day spirals out of control.  I rush in eventually to make dinner of Burgers and sweet potato wedges, which goes down well as usual.  Amazing just how filling this dinner is.

I really, really want a glass of wine tonight, so I fill my wine glass with ice and water – sit back and enjoy…


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