Day 15 on 3 Weeks to Wonderful

28 Jan

I’m not used to the start of the work week being such a positive experience!  I actually don’t mind getting out of bed early.  This morning I wake up early to make the family egg and bacon as a good start to the week.  There’s loads of gratitude!

3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

I find a pair of pants this morning that I had meant to return as I had bought them in a rush in December (without trying on) and realised when I got home that I battled to get them over my hips.  I put them on this morning and they are loose!  What an amazing feeling.

Traffic is horrific and has me arriving late at the office, but unphased.  The aliens have surely invaded this body – this slightly reduced body.

Morning meetings come and go and lunch time arrives without me once having thought about food, hunger, coffee.  I eat my leftover coconut chicken for lunch. which fuels me up for the rest of a busy day.

After fetching kids, catching up work, resolving some issues that have arisen in our housing complex, I finally get out for my ‘run’. That’s a bit rich – it is more like a 4Km plod along.  My mind is just not in the right place and I run every step with a grimace and feel like I am towing a ten ton truck behind me.  So not the easiest run I have had, but I persevere and do the distance.

I make the kids one of their favourite dinners of lamb chops and mash, and I eat 4 pieces of salmon sushi with a lovely salad.

My bed is a welcome sight tonight and I feel I have earned my rest…



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