Day 12 on 3 Weeks to Wonderful

24 Jan

It’s Friday! How did that happen so quickly?

3 Weeks to Wonderful logo
3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

The usual warm water and lemon kickstarted the day, followed by the same rolled oats as I had yesterday for breakfast. A bit later in the morning I had a boiled egg and nibbled on a few almonds.

I thoroughly enjoyed my leftover curry and cauliflower rice for lunch.  I was working on a pretty routine work exercise and found myself wanting a snack.  Chocolates and coffee were coming to mind, so I made a juice of spinach, beetroot, ginger, carrot, lime and an apple.  It looked pretty gross but tasted good and helped me to finish off my work.

Today I had a few people say that they could see I had lost weight (I still don’t see it) and I was also told that I am looking younger and fresher – so a big Yay! to that.

Tonight my daughter has a friend sleeping over and they want to join me for a delicious salad but they also want pizza!  I’m going to be adding some bits of bacon into my salad tonight.

I still have to do Suez’s 8 minute exercise routine and go for a run when it is a bit cooler. Have been thinking how nice it would be to nibble on some popcorn while watching a movie tonight.  Missing coffee and could do with a chocolate – but these are not cravings just habit of bad choices at the weekend. Need to get more cycling training in…


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