Day 11 on 3 Weeks to Wonderful

24 Jan

Allowed myself a nice little sleep in this morning, and still felt great on waking.  Did a few stretches, but no high intensity exercise as I was still in awe of my awesome run from last night.  Previously I had only managed to run up to 3Km, but last night I did 4.2Km – a great achievement for me.  Lemon and water started the day, as usual!

At the office I ate apple/cinnamon rolled oats breakfast that I had mad last night.  Delicious as always.  I didn’t have the need to snack all morning and at lunch time I ate a lamb chop and a boiled egg.

I had to take my daughter to the doctor today and I bumped into the physiotherapist I had seen in early December last year.  She had no idea I was doing 3W2W, but immediately commented that I had lost a lot of weight.  Great to hear.  Strangely I still don’t think it is that noticeable, but maybe my expectations are a little high 🙂

I did Suez’s 8 minute workout and managed 10 reps this time around (2 more reps than my first attempt on Monday).  While 8 minutes sounds pathetically easy I can honestly say the sweat was pouring off me and I was breathless afterwards.  Went for a walk after, but didn’t do any other exercise today.

For dinner we tried something a little different to what is on Suez’s suggested menu (but obviously, with Suez’s prior consent).  I made a lean mince curry with cauliflower rice.  I got the cauliflower rice idea from The Real Meal Revolution and it was such a hit.  At first the kids looked really disgusted, but they loved it!

Basically, you throw some cauliflower into a blender and get it into a consistency similar to couscous.  Fry some chopped onion in a little coconut oil, then add the cauliflower and cook for about 6 mins (stirring occasionally).  You can add a blob of organic butter and a little salt.

Yay! leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Bliss!

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