Day 10 on 3 Weeks to Wonderful

22 Jan

And (drumroll please) we are officially halfway through our 21 days.  I’ve been thinking about all of this today and have some reflecting to share -in

3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

no particular order:

  • We live in a world of instant gratification and expect to see results after one healthy juice.  Well you don’t.  In fact, while I have felt some adjustments within myself, I am only starting to see results now.  I say only, but if you think about it, this is very quick.  Think about how long it takes us to get out of shape…a lifetime of bad habits and sloth.  So, I’m really impressed with the results thus far!
  • Many people have commented that I have been very ‘disciplined’ in doing this ‘on my own’.  I might be thousands of miles away from Suez Wray, but I have certainly not been ‘on my own’.  The program has been phenomenal in that, through Facebook, all of us have been able to communicate constantly and Suez is amazing at responding promptly. Suez is so organised and keeps in touch with us constantly.  Not only does Suez motivate, she is an inspiration.  Although I have never met the other ladies on the program, it has been so good to meet them online and be a part of a really fantastic group of inspired and real people. My friend, Maxine, who should take all the credit for me being on the program has also been hugely supportive (as always).
  • It is not cheap to eat well in our modern world – and you have to be organised and plan ahead, which is not always easy.  However, by being organised and planning ahead you actually save a fortune.
  • Many people complain that healthy eating is not convenient.  It’s partially true, however, the smallest bit of planning goes a long way.  Once you understand the basics, you can experiment with different things and it is interesting to see how quickly you adapt to a better way of shopping and eating.  It was hard at the beginning, but it is becoming second nature.
  • One of my biggest fears in starting this program was that I would find it difficult to fit into my chaotic schedule.  I dreaded finding time to exercise, in particular.  However I am starting to prioritise my daily exercise which makes everything fall into place around it and it is working so far.  Long term?  I don’t know – time will tell.
  • I have not missed the things I thought I would (wine, beer, coffee) and have found it easy to say no to offers of cake etc.  I have however missed milk, greek yoghurt and cheese.  While I plan to re-introduce these things into my diet eventually, it will be on a far smaller scale than before.
  • The exercise has not been easy for me.  I thought I was a fairly fit person, but it has been an uphill battle.  I have found that I have far more energy in the mornings and also prefer this time of day as it is cooler.  By late evening, when it is cool enough to exercise I am usually feeling a little pooped.   Luckily though, I am starting to get quite a kick out of the exercise now as I start to feel fitter and fitter each day (and possibly just a little lighter).
  • Lastly (for now) I am amazed at the tenacity and drive of some of the other ladies in the group.  Hectic schedules, night shifts, you name it and yet they are all doing so well.  It certainly is possible when you get your head in the zone.

So – just to keep up with my daily eating  and exercise log:  Today I skipped the morning run (doing it this evening) and made a delicious fry up for the family for breakfast.  At 6:15 this morning I had fresh chilli in my scrambled egg, 2 rashers of bacon and wilted spinach.  Was awesome.  This saw me through to 12:30 with no snacks in-between.  For lunch I had my leftover Risotto and tonight for dinner I am going to make the carrot and pear twist juice.  I might have a lamb chop too?  I also still have to do my 8 minute reps as per Suez video.

Here’s to being Halfway to Wonderful today!!


3 Responses to “Day 10 on 3 Weeks to Wonderful”

  1. Maxine Jones January 23, 2014 at 00:41 #

    Well done Jubez. You’re an inspiration and I’m loving your blog. Power to your 3 week challenge. You’re so in the ZONE – BOOM!

  2. Hayley January 26, 2014 at 17:45 #

    Your doing so well I know you said your not on your own due to being in a online group but you have managed to get out and exercise on your own!! Your fab xx

    • Joobez January 28, 2014 at 15:20 #

      🙂 Thanks Hayley!

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