Day 6 on 3 Weeks to Wonderful

19 Jan
3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

Woke up feeling bleak.  Decided it was time to get me head out of this ‘phase’, so had a veggie juice, this time mixed with coconut milk.  45 Minutes later, went for a run on dirt roads near the stables.  It was just after 8:00am and already 28 degrees.

Did not feel very strong on the run but pushed on.  at 2,5Km I started to throw up, so slowed down and walked the rest of the way back to my car feeling dreadful.

On my drive home I thought about what I had eaten the day before and started wondering if the food was causing me to have less energy, but had to factor in the heat wave too.

I realised by the time I got hime that I must have picked up the stomach vrius that has been doing the rounds at the office.  Had a very lazy day just reading and pottering in the garden.  I had a lovely green salad for lunch and made coconut chicken for dinner.

I had started to feel a bit better by bed time and had a really good night’s sleep.


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