Day 4 on 3 Weeks to Wonderful

17 Jan
3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

So the day to return to work has finally arrived – ho hum!  Up early, warm water and lemon and the day begins.

I had prepared two hard boiled eggs night before, which I took with me to the office with an avocado. Unfortunately the avocado turned out to be a little brown inside, so I only had one or two mouthfuls of that.

The day was so busy with so many impromptu meetings, that I had no time between leaving work and fetching my son from school.  So I dashed to the Spar and bought some Salmon sushi for lunch.  A few small bites and I was feeling good again.

Despite drinking loads of water and organic teas, I am feeling a bit lethargic today.  I was also very stiff this morning, but that has eased up as the day has gone by. It has been 38 degrees here today, so that might explain the fatigued feeling?

I aim to go for a run when it is cooler, but I do have an on-line meeting to attend so I’ll just see how it goes.  Dreading Sue’s 5 minute workout that has to be completed today.

I am busy making the Butternut Risotto recipe provided in the program and look forward to that as our family meal this evening.  I suspect my son will not enjoy it, but my daughter and I have similar food tastes and both love rice and butternut.


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