Day 1 on 3 Weeks to Wonderful

15 Jan
3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

So, as someone who loves something new, I woke up bright and breezy on Monday morning ready to start my “new” 21 day road to fitness and fabulosity. I have been on leave for three weeks, so still feeling relaxed.  At 5:30am, after my morning cup of warm water and lemon (as prescribed by Sue’s program) I headed out for a morning jog for 30 minutes.  I’m not a runner, never have been and only started trying to run at the end of November 2013.  I’m 44, overweight and fatigued, so this has been really challenging.  However, Monday’s run went well and I felt great afterwards.

Returning home, I made a delicious juice comprising of spinach, celery, carrots, an apple, an orange, a nob of fresh ginger, cucumber and a slice of pineapple.  I blended this with some organic almond milk.  This has to be one of the tastiest drinks I have ever had – YUM! About an hour after drinking my super-juice I had two hard boiled eggs.  At this stage I was wondering how I was going to cope without my daily doses of coffee and wine.  I started to wonder when I would start feeling hungry and planned my lunch.

By 12:30 I still wasn’t hungry.  I had enjoyed a few glasses of water and some green tea, but decided to start preparing my lunch.  For this I used leftover salmon from the night before and an avocado.

I tried some licorice tea for the first time on Monday afternoon and found it surprisingly good.

I have to say that on Monday afternoon I felt quite lacklustre, headachy and grumpy, but not hungry. Just before dinner I decided to do Sue’s 5 minute of squat, star-jump and lunge repeats.  I was knackered afterwards!

For dinner, I used Sue’s coconut chicken recipe, which was a win for the whole family.  The kids both went back for seconds. I also had a salad of rocket (fresh from my garden), tomato and cucumber.

So that was day one – successful, tasty and healthy. I slept like a baby…


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