3 Weeks to Wonderful

15 Jan
3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

3 Weeks to Wonderful logo

My friend in the UK started bootcamp in January 2012. I was lucky enough to visit her mid 2012 and met her bootcamp buddies too! I was even lucky enough to make a guest appearance at bootcamp for a single session. I loved the bootcamp session and quickly realised that bootcamp is not for sissies. I also realised why my friend had lost so much weight and was looking so fab.

So at the end of 2013, I noticed the bootcamp instructor, Suez Wray had started a new FaceBook site called 3 Weeks to Wonderful. I had been doing some moderate exercise for the past few weeks in preparation for the Cape Argus cycle race, which is a 109Km race around Cape Town. Despite attempting to eat less and doing some training, I wasn’t losing weight, so I decided to contact Sue…

Today marks day 3 of the 21 days and Sue has encouraged me to blog about my experience, which is a really great idea.

Sue was kind enough to prepare all of us in the week leading up to the 21 days start date. She provided us with a comprehensive shopping list (healthy, organic groceries) as well as a list of yummy recipes that we are free to use as we wish, with her guidelines provided. Sue also made a video showing us the excercises she wanted us to perform – just five minutes of squats, starjumps and lunges. This was really quite funny because watching the video, I thought “O, that’ll be quick and easy” and yet, the workout was quite intense and left me feeling stiff the next day!

So, essentially, we have to do high intensity movement for at least 30 minutes each day, plus the five minute workout on a Monday and Thursday and stick to the clean eating schedule.

Like everything, you need to want to do this program as you really do need to have your head in the right space. It is NOT difficult, but it is not easy.

From an eating perspective, I have yet to feel hungry. You get enough to eat and can even eat dark, organic chocolate (just two squares) if you really need that sweet sensation.

Like I said, I’m just three days in, so lots still to learn and discover. My next post will detail what I have eaten daily, what exercise I have done and how I have been feeling. If time permits, I’ll keep this up on a daily basis but keep in mind I’m a single mom of two school-going kids (in different schools) and hold a full-time job, so go easy on me, please?


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